Date and place of birth: 01. February 1942, Lapovo, Serbia
Citizenship: Serbia (“Serbia and Montenegro”) and ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’
Family: married with Zdenka Cvjetic, graduated engineer of architecture Daughter: Natasa Cvjetic, graduated lawyer Son: Ozren Cvjetic, graduated economist
Address: Kninska 9, Banjaluka
Native language: Serbian language
International language: English


Studies in electrotechnics, graduate engineer of electronics Faculty of electrical engineering Banjaluka (Yu)
International specialists programs “Computers and memory” – Teledyne System Company & EMM SESCO (USA)
Postgraduate studies in “Technologies of solving development problems”, University of Zagreb (“European Center for peace and development” (ECPD), United Nations’ University for Peace)

Professional activities

1973-1975 “Electronic teleprinter” – “Rudi Cajavec“, Research Center
1975-1982 “Computer Systems Factory of high-reliable memory” “Rudi Cajavec“, Professional electronics
1980/1981 “Condition and long-term development of research activities in B&H” (Group of Experts in Assembly of B&H for development strategy)

Author’s programs

1981/1991 Program of Medical electronics” (PME)
1987-2004 Medical Electronics, Center for medical research and public health development, Banjaluka
  • Investment program (PME)
  • Creating “International Center of high technology”
  • Creating firm “Medical electronics”
  • (professionally educated for independent work, the following profitable centers: )


  • Factory of pacemakers (implants) Telectronics (USA, Australia, France)
  • Factory of hearing aid – Rexton (Switzerland, Denmark, USA)
  • Factory of cardiovascular instruments Hewlett Packard (USA, Germany)
  • Factory of laboratory equipment Yu product (domestic development)
  • Factory of audiology equipment Yu product (domestic development)
  • Factory of rehabilitation equipment Yu product (domestic development)
  • Making projects of health institutions “Arhing” (group of architects from Banjaluka)
    Building health institutions “UNILES”, Slovenia&Krajina, B&H
  • “Electronic technicians and repairmen of medical instruments” “Technical center Banjaluka”
  • “Biomedical and clinical engineers” University of Banjaluka
  • “Specialists program at holders of development and technology owners”
  • Center for medical research and development of primary health care “Dr Andrija Stampar”
  • Collaboration center for cooperation between Yugoslavian health services and World Health Organization. The purpose is introduction of modern equipment in health services, for the need of primary/preventive health care and education.
  • “Institute for development” medical instruments, specialist software
  • International Project “Development of expert systems” (cardiology, vertebrology)
  • Research Project, won at competitive bidding, in cooperation Italy/Yugoslavia Ref. No. TTY/tmc/3661, starting with 19.06.1991 (1.5 million USA $, irretrievable) 1992

“Author Initiative”

  • >>European future, program for peace and development<<
  • EURUS (“European United Strategy”)
  • EPID (“European Program of Integration and Development”)
  • 1993 – 1995 “Nucleus”d.o.o. /LTD firm for Author managing and affirmation of Programs
  • Russia/Ural – “Ural, your partner” (Regional integrated development program)
  • European Association of the Region ” “Ural – Adria” (European integration)
  • International Program/Center for rehabilitation of radiation consequences”
  • Conversion of industry/Revitalization of factories and adaptation for production of medical instruments and equipment, on the basis of domestic strategy materials and cooperation with world and Europe recognized manufacturers”.
  • 1996/2004 “Development Initiative Cvjetic/Nucleus” has been preparing a number of Investment Programs/Projects and their affirmation by new development models, which have been established by author and partners
  • 1996 European Association of Experts and Investors “Nucleus Center” Non-Government Organization (NGO) & Programs/Projects:
  • “Bosnia and Herzegovina” – Regional Integrated development program “River Vrbas”
  • “Investment strategy, production for export”
  • “B&H and Water” (Strategy program for development of B&H)
  • “B&H and Food”, with legislative agro and forest complex conservation
  • “B&H and medicinal herbs”, own production of new medicines
  • “B&H and energy”, own resources – modern technology – production
  • “B&H and the tourist economy, healing baths and local communities”
  • 1997 FUND “Victims of War” for realization of Program “Rehabilitation of war victims”, in cooperation with:
  • WHO (World Health Organization) – Program “Rehabilitation in community” refer CBR
  • Unicef/UN, Conference “Canada 2000″ (Program “Children in 21 century”)
  • International Federation of Red Cross, Conference in Switzerland 2000 (Program “Disability Prevention”)
  • “International Trust Fund for B&H” Initiative of B&H (Program “Family and community”) 1992 “Author Initiative”
  • 1999 – 2004 The Foundation of Health and Heart is supporting all activities taken with the purpose of public health improvement and cooperation with world recognized partners. The Foundation of Health and Heart is a valid member of European Heart Network and World Heart Federation, and it is supporting/conducting programs that are promoting World Health Organization (WHO) and international programs:
  • “Primary health care” – WHO & WONCA
  • “Prevention of cardiovascular disease” – WHO & ESC
  • “Health in 21 century” – WHO & UN
  • “Education of Doctors” – EHN/EHH(ESC)
  • Info-monitoring “State of Heart” – ESC
  • World manifestation “World Heart Day” – WHF

Author’s Programs, adjusted to specifics of B&H:

  • “European health and heart” / “B&H health and heart”
  • “Socio-economical aspects of health and development”
  • “Stress, mental health, free time and addiction”
  • Founder of the Foundation of Health and Heart
  • President of the Foundation of Health and Heart
  • Organizing international affirmation and joining the World Heart Federation and European Heart Network
  • Introduction of European Program “Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease” in B&H

Author’s strategy programs

1998 “Young people in B&H and development” – Education of “program teams”, at world development holders, for joint programs/projects in B&H
1998 “Young people in B&H and development” – Education of “program teams”, at world development holders, for joint programs/projects in B&H
2000 “Revitalization of electronics and industry”, creating the modern system for Industrial Development of Factories at “Rudi Cajavec” and Industry of Banjaluka
2001 “Banjaluka your partner” Banjaluka as the capital of regional development, industry and electronics
2002 “Historical Challenge” – American-European Initiative (AEI) for development of the Region in “Middle Europe” (B&H) (Panonia) (Adria)


22.12.1985. “Rudi Cajavec Golden Medallion”, awarded on the occasion of celebrating 35 years of work, for contribution in development of “Rudi Cajavec”
23.10.1987. “Australian High Recognition”, awarded by the President of Australian Government, R.L.Hawke, for valuable contribution in development of business cooperation between Australia and Yugoslavia.
10.06.1991. “Research project” Expert systems in cardiology and vertebrology, approved by Italian Government, by Area Per la Ricerca.
27.03.1997. Nomination for the “Counselor for development programs”, by the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD), at United Nations.
09.05.1998. “Golden medallion for humanism”, awarded by the Permanent Committee of International Humanists League, for the contribution in development of Movement (organized by respectable Nobel Prize recipients, 1976, Philadelphia, USA) and use of modern knowledge and technology in development of industry, science and health services.
25.05.2001. Adopting the Author program “Banjaluka-your partner”, by the Assembly of the city of Banjaluka (No: 07/013-287/2001).